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How the American Economy Affects Us All

Historically, America has produced some of the strongest buying power worldwide. Sucking up many of the worlds commodities for a long period of time, the American dollar became a standard for financial transactions worldwide.

What is Brexit and Why Does it Matter?

The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union in 2016 which created an uproar in households worldwide. The UK is set to leave by 2019, but the Treaty on the European Union will change

The Truth About Syrian Refugees

The issue in Syria has a long history, but the issue with the refugees from Syria has been all over the news recently. Syrians are fleeing their country in hopes to escape the turmoil

Mindful Happiness: A Dangerous Theory for Our Economy

Happiness has been on the rise in the news based on various scientific studies revealing a number of theories based on mindful behaviours. The theorists have proven that there are tactics that a person