Electoral Vote in 2016: How Trump Won The American Presidency

The 2016 presidential election in America was one of the most captivating political environments with the world fascinated and watching every moment. There was a clear dislike for President Trump throughout the entire nation, but he seemed to pull a rabbit out of a hat when he got elected the President of the United States of America.

A reality TV and real estate mega star, Donald Trump, ran for office to boast his political know it all, and show the current government that he had many issues with the way things were being handled. An entertainment superstar, he made his way into the spotlight stronger than any politician before him. A long awaited run for Hilary Clinton, many believed this was her time to shine, and although among the mass of Americans, she had more votes than Donald Trump, he won the electoral collage which won him the Presidential seat.

What is the electoral collage? The electoral college is a group of nominated individuals who vote for who they would like to be president. The states number of electoral votes is equal to the number of seats in that region’s congressional delegation. Each political party elects those individuals in the hope that they will vote for them, and if one of the parties has a 270 majority vote, then they are elected the President of the United States. Although, Hilary Clinton had won many of the personal votes cast by citizens of the United States, Donald Trump pulled in key areas that Hilary had missed and won the electoral college vote.

Many people wonder how the American government could be a true democracy with policies that override votes of patrons for those from appointed elects. Yet Donald Trump used the policies to his advantage to make his way to the top.

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