Mindful Happiness: A Dangerous Theory for Our Economy

Happiness has been on the rise in the news based on various scientific studies revealing a number of theories based on mindful behaviours. The theorists have proven that there are tactics that a person

Electoral Vote in 2016: How Trump Won The American Presidency

The 2016 presidential election in America was one of the most captivating political environments with the world fascinated and watching every moment. There was a clear dislike for President Trump throughout the entire nation,

The Worldwide Value of the Pound: Maximize Your Value

The value of currency is the cornerstone of our worldwide economy, and when the values change, there are infinite possibilities for our economy. In the recent year, the pound has dropped significantly in value

Eliminating the Middle Man and Euro Clearing

The movement of Brexit is well on its way as the UK prepares to leave the European Union. The EU has recently made news through its decision to take full regulation of a business