Political Leaders World Wide: The Changing Economy

The year 2017 has brought on some of the most controversial changes in the world. Due to the onset of these huge changes, economics and politics will never be the same again. US President Donald Trump is invested in making his mark on the world during his time at the White House. The United Kingdom has activated Article 50, making the decision to part ways with half a century of British foreign and economic policy, within the next two years. These are just the beginning of decisions that are taking place worldwide, and they will have a massive impact on the economy and political world in the upcoming years.

Germany has been said to have one of the most important leaders in Europe. Some of the more controversial policies of her leadership have spurned other countries to hold the beliefs in anti-immigrant and anti-euro policies. Turkey is experiencing political movement, and since a rise in terrorist attacks, the support for politician Recep Tayyip Erdogan has grown, and he may finally reach his goal of being supported in ruling the country as head of government and state.

Hassan Rouhani in the past four years has made a large impact on Iran, making nuclear deals with America along with other changes to the state and government. His competency has been under debate and with the new American nuclear deal, he faced difficulty getting re-elected. All of these events in current politics take on a large role in the world’s economy. The changing policies of different countries and the way they manage their business will create an economy that is completely new to us. Some of the policy changes are strongly supported and others have brought on massive controversy, but the fact that changes are happening is something that no one can deny.

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