The Truth About Syrian Refugees

The issue in Syria has a long history, but the issue with the refugees from Syria has been all over the news recently. Syrians are fleeing their country in hopes to escape the turmoil from the groups who are battling within their country. Most of the citizens in Syria and the surrounding area share the belief in the Muslim religion. Many of these citizens battle each other in hopes to create a land with common beliefs. Some of these citizens have extreme beliefs that other citizens do not support, and they wish to flea the area.

The issue of incoming refugees has been confronting many countries worldwide since the rise of violence in the Syrian area. Some countries have been more accepting than others, welcoming refugees into their countries with open arms and providing them with all of the requirements to take care of themselves and their family. The controversy about taking in refugees from these areas is based in the fear of some extremist citizens sneaking into their countries disguised as innocent refugees. In these countries, like the UK and Canada, there has been mixed acceptance of placing funds into the hands of these refugees, yet, both countries have accepted thousands.

The human social responsibility is strong within the countries which have accepted Syrian refugees, yet countries like America, have shown that they do not support the refugees in a number of ways. Under the new presidency, there has been a complete ban of individuals flying into their country from all countries within the Syrian area. The innocent citizens of these areas are looking for support and the areas they are fleeing have been turned into extreme war zones with no space for safety. There have been assessments and extreme vetting processes for each refugee accepted, and the likelihood that refugees are bringing in terrorism is very low.

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