The Worldwide Value of the Pound: Maximize Your Value

The value of currency is the cornerstone of our worldwide economy, and when the values change, there are infinite possibilities for our economy. In the recent year, the pound has dropped significantly in value in the UK, hitting a new low with a drop of nearly .17% of one pound. That is a massive hit to the routine financial plan of many people living in the UK. People need to rearrange their budget and are finding themselves more strapped than ever before. There are some spots worldwide that the pound has actually risen in value and UK patrons should maximize on it.

In the last two years, Argentina has seen the collapse of the peso, but the pound has grown at least 40pc within that same time. A great place to head over for a vacation and let your UK pound go as far as it can. Due to the drop in tugrik currency of Mongolia, the pound has grown around 4pc. The growth may not be as large as in Argentina, but the cost of living in the area is much less, making your pound go a lot further.

The Egyptian pound was disconnected from the dollar and has now lost a significant amount of its value. So head to the dead sea and get into a beautiful hotel room for as little as $23 pounds. Venezuela saw the drop of their bolivar currency and the pound increased by 30% thanks to their recession. It has been recommended to avoid certain areas of Venezuela and Egypt, but certain areas are deemed safe for tourism. Those spots are inexpensive to venture to, and offer a lot of culture, making them perfect spots for a getaway.

So take your cash that and head on the vacation you thought you couldn’t afford. The economy works in a wonderful way, and there are always locations that you can take advantage of, no matter what your primary currency.

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