Ways to Make Money Online

The internet is full of articles claiming that ‘Tony from Essex makes £4,500 a month with one simple trick.’ Unfortunately, that kind of misinformation leads people to believe that making money online is a myth and it must be fake. However, people have been making money online for years and in this article, I’ll be showing you some different ways you could potentially make money online, so sit back, relax, and mark this page in your favourites!

Finding your Passion

This might be the teachings of captain obvious, but it’s essential to find something you’re passionate about before you consider making money from it. It’s the passion which is going to motivate you when times are tough and being passionate about a topic or niche is what gives you the experience and the knowledge to move forward. Making money online has been tried and tested and guess what? It works!

Different Ways to Make Money Online


Freelancing gives you the freedom to work independently for clients, getting paid by project rather than being on a payroll. This gives the freelancer freedom to work from the comfort of his or her own home, or anywhere for that matter. Freelancing has been around long before the days of the internet, and now, the internet is full of freelancer platforms. On these sites, freelancers can accept and bid for projects from clients, building their reputation with every project that comes their way.

The beauty about freelancing is that you control how busy you want to be. For instance, many freelancers start taking on projects while still being employed in a full-time job. Once freelancing picks up to the point where the full-time employment isn’t necessary, a choice will have to be made. There are many different freelance platform you can try such as fivver

Playing Online Poker

I know what you’re thinking. How do I play online poker? Whether you’re an expert or have no clue what the classification of hands are, you’re still able to make money playing online poker. There’s all the knowledge in the world online, guiding and moulding you into a better player. For instance, Unibet is doing it right with their online poker guides. They have a dedicated page which hosts a lot of online poker guides to get you started, as well as more in-depth ones which delve into strategies and tactics used at the tables. Worth a read.  

You don’t need to make a deposit to play online poker for real money. Many poker sites have freeroll tournaments, where players can participate in online tournaments for free and there will be real cash prizes. Practice makes perfect and remember, when you play poker, you play the player, not the cards. Otherwise, you won’t see the same names and faces wearing championship bracelets.